How long does it take to demolish infrastructure?


Date: 27/05/2020

The process of demolishing a residential house or corporate building can be a long and challenging project. Demolition projects cannot be rushed as they need to be planned accordingly to suit the environment as well as government restrictions. When trying to figure out exactly how long your particular demolition project will take, there is no straightforward answer. Multiple factors that determine how long a demolition project will take and these may differ from project to project.

Here at Relient Civil Group, we have put together a list of some factors that can influence the overall time it takes to demolish your home or civil infrastructure.

These demolition factors include:

  • Legal Permissions​
  • Utility Service Removal
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Salvaging Materials/Items

(Note: these factors will differ in time depending on the location of the demolition project).

Legal permissions

When you are first looking to demolish your house or corporate building, you need to make sure that you have spoken to your local city council to gain approval. This approval will come in the form of a demolition permit which will allow you to carry out the demolition. Depending on your local council, the time may vary on how long it takes to get council approval. Usually, it can take anywhere from 10-15 working days to process your request.

Depending on the location of your demolition project, this could require the consent of your neighbours. This is because most demolition projects are quite loud, causing a lot of disturbance with the surrounding neighbourhood.

Utility service removal

Before you fire up the excavator and start removing walls and demolishing the infrastructure, you must remove all underground service utilities first. These underground utilities include water lines, sewage pipework, drainage piping and gas lines. Simply disconnecting these services is not enough, you’ll need to completely remove them.

By removing these first, it will save a lot of time later in the project if you accidentally dig underground too far. The removal of these utilities could take anywhere from a day to a week, depending on the depth and the various utilities.

Asbestos removal

If there is any asbestos in the house or infrastructure, this hazardous material under Australian law will need to be removed by a professional. When removing asbestos, there are strict rules and regulations that need to be adhered to during the removal process. If these aren’t followed, severe health problems and complications could result from improper processes.

Before asbestos can be removed, a permit needs to be obtained for safe removal. If neighbours are in close proximity, they need to be informed about the process taking place. The removal of the asbestos materials needs to be aligned with Australian law, reducing the risk to the environment and public.

Depending on the amount of asbestos that needs to be removed and the complexity of the task, it could take a few hours or a few days. In some cases, it could take a week, so talk to an asbestos removal specialist at Relient Civil Group. To discuss your specific project.

You can read more about asbestos removal on our previous blog post - What is asbestos and how to remove it?

Salvaging materials and items

If your home or infrastructure has valuable items in it, before you can start the demolition process, these will need to be removed. When looking to recycle materials such as bricks, concrete, floorboards and steel, this increases the time it takes to demolish your project.

This process could take a day or a few days depending on the number of salvageable items or recyclable materials.

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