What is a strip out?
Date: 30/07/2020
A strip out refers to the process of removing all the non-essential elements of a room or building so it can be reused. This service is commonly performed by people who want to renovate a room or building.
How do you decontaminate soil?
Date: 30/07/2020
There are a diverse number of ways to decontaminate soil. In this blog, we detail everything you need to know about soil decontamination.
How long does it take to demolish infrastructure?
Date: 27/05/2020
The process of demolishing a residential house or corporate building can be a long and challenging project. Demolition projects cannot be rushed as they need to be planned accordingly to suit the environment as well as government restrictions. When trying to figure out exactly how long your particul...
What is asbestos and how to remove it? 
Date: 01/03/2020
The process in removing the material known as asbestos from your home can be a dangerous task to undertake. Asbestos removal is an action that needs to be undertaking using the proper processes, otherwise, damage can be caused not only to the removalist but the owners of the home.

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