What Civil Construction Services Do You Provide?

Relient Civil Group have been providing quality outcomes and achieved superior civil construction results for a number of years. Since our inception, we have been providing civil construction services including:

Each of our services is completed using our high-quality machinery, so you know your civil construction project will be of a top standard. Our team here at Relient Civil Group have a high knowledge and experience in our serve range so if you are looking to undertake any civil construction project, contact Relient Civil Group.

How Large is Your Excavator Range?

The team at Relient Civil Group prides itself on being able to provide high quality excavators that won’t breakdown and can undertake a wide array of civil construction services. Whether that is house demolition, bulk excavation, detailed excavation or strip outs, Relient Civil Group has the excavator to assist you in completing your civil construction project. 

Our excavator range includes:

  • V10555 Yanmar Demolition Excavator for Hire
  • 20-29 Tonne SK210LC-8 Kobelco Track Mounted Excavator for Hire

Each of our excavators for hire are regularly inspected to ensure only the highest reliability and productivity, so you can complete your civil construction project without any delays.

Need house demolition work in Brisbane? You can rely on Relient Group!

How Do You Maintain Your Machinery?

Here at Relient Civil Group, we prioritise safety as our number one priority. If you don’t feel safe when you use our machinery, we aren’t doing our job to the highest standard. This is why the team at Relient Civil Group services each plant hire machine on a regular basis. This allows for any issues with our machinery to be resolved before we wet hire our machinery for your project. We also inspect each machine before it leaves out depot to ensure that no breakdowns occur on your worksite, which causes delays.

In terms of our operators, each operator is highly trained in being able to use our machinery to the highest standard and don’t cause any added stress to the machine, which could reduce the machines reliability and longevity.

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